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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I own my home?

    Yes. In the ACT property owners hold a 99 year Crown Lease. Ownership of your unit is by way of a registered Under-Lease. An added advantage of the Under-Lease is that it is not subject to Stamp Duty, unlike the sale of Crown Lease property, which is subject to Stamp Duty.

  2. Do I need to supply a medical certificate to certify my ability to live independently?

    A medical certificate may be requested in circumstances where, at the discretion of management, such information is deemed appropriate. This information is important to ensure that our staff are acquainted with each resident's health status should assistance be required.

  3. Do I have to provide documentation regarding my medical condition? If so, who will have access to it?

    It is important that our staff do have access to information that may assist them in case of an emergency. Residents are requested to provide management with such information; however, this is not compulsory. The information is only accessible to our care staff through management.

  4. When do I have to pay the Recurrent Charges?

    The Recurrent Charges are payable in advance via direct debit. A direct debit form will be provided to you when you move into the village.

  5. Can residents be made liable for any additional or extraordinary charges and, if so, for what purpose?

    Where additional or extraordinary expenses occur, the budget of the relevant year may be varied in consultation with the residents to accommodate the additional expenses. In such circumstances the Recurrent Charges may be adjusted accordingly or a special levy will be raised. These expenses could occur as a result of unforeseen circumstances, or to fund additional services or facilities at the request of residents.

  6. Can I have a family member or friend stay with me for a few nights?

    Overnight or short-stay guests are welcome to stay with you in your unit. It is however essential that you advise management. Your guests are your responsibility and should be accompanied by you at all times when using village facilities. All visitors and guests have to comply with the applicable village rules.

  7. Can I have a pet?

    We recognise the important role of pets in people's lives. If you wish to keep a currently owned cat or dog as a pet you must obtain our prior consent. We will consider each case on its merits. Known dangerous breeds of dogs will not be allowed.

  8. Does Hindmarsh Retirement have a smoking policy?

    Hindmarsh Retirement supports and encourages a healthy and pleasant environment for its residents, employees and visitors. Smoking is therefore prohibited in all outdoor public and common areas and all indoor areas of Hindmarsh Retirement’s premises, with the exception of designated outdoor smoking areas. Residents and their guests are free to smoke within their own premises.

  9. What arrangements exist for residents to participate in the management of the village?

    Residents are encouraged to participate in the management of the village through membership of the residents' association / residents' committee. Management will meet with the committee on a regular basis to discuss management issues relating to the operation of the village. Residents may provide input and must approve the proposed annual budgets and changes to village rules.

  10. What happens if there is a dispute between residents and management?

    The management of retirement villages is governed by the Retirement Villages Act. The Act prescribes what steps need to be taken in case of a dispute. A copy of the Act can be found on ACT Gov legislation website. A copy of the Act is also kept in the village's library.

  11. What protection do I have against loss of rights (including accommodation rights) if the village is sold to another organisation?

    The village owner has the right to assign the village to another organisation, provided that at the time the owner assigns such interests, it complies with the provisions of any contracts, agreements or leases, and the provisions of relevant legislation, including the Retirement Villages Act 2012. The new owner will agree to be bound by these documents.

  12. What is the background and experience of Hindmarsh Retirement senior management and village management?

    Hindmarsh Retirement has employed managers and staff from various sectors, some with in excess of 25 years experience in the Aged Care, Retirement Villages and Property sectors.

    Hindmarsh Retirement is committed to providing excellent services to its residents and will ensure that the on-site staff will have the relevant qualifications, experience and skills to meet the needs of our residents.

    Hindmarsh Retirement has over 29 years’ experience in the retirement village sector in the ACT. The Grange Deakin and Bellerive in Lyons are successful retirement communities developed, operated and managed by Hindmarsh Retirement.

    Hindmarsh Retirement is proud to be a member of the Retirement Living Division of the Property Council of Australia

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